Friday, September 30, 2011


     Guess who got to fly in a private plane today?  This girl!  And it was everything you think it'd be.  Nice, oh so nice, convenient, and no security lines.  The plane made me think of Seinfeld, yes Jerry Seinfeld.  So here goes my Seinfeld story.
     When I studied abroad in Seville Spain I met him and his friend, fellow comedian Mario Joyner.  My Spanish friend Julia, who'd be an au pair in the US, came to a birthday party showing off an autograph--it was Jerry's.  I looked at it and then forgot about it.  We left the party with some other girls and went out for some drinks.  While out and about we saw Jerry and Mario eating dinner outside of a cafe.  A little tipsy, I strolled over to the comedians, introduced myself, explained how I was studying in Seville.  I didn't ask for an autograph and didn't act starstruck, I just introduced myself.  They asked where they should go out later, which clubs.  I suggested some and walked away.
     The girls and I went out and had what we thought was a fun time.  As we walked back to Julia's car around 12 am, ready to go home, a stretch Mercedes sedan pulled up to us.  The left, back seat passenger window rolled down and Jerry, asked if we wanted to show them those clubs now.  I did what any 20 year old girl would do, I pushed my 3 Spanish speaking friends into the car and said "yes, of course, we'd love to show you those clubs now."
     Seinfeld's chauffeur took us all around Seville.  Mario and Jerry had just seen a preview of Austin Powers and keep repeating the "yeah, baby, yeah" line.  The girls and I had no idea what they were talking about.  We hit 3 or 4 dance clubs and stayed out until 7 or maybe it was 8 in the morning.  Since I could speak both Spanish and English, I was in charge of drink orders for everyone.  And with the drinks I got really chatty.  I asked Seinfeld question after question after question:  
"What's happening on the show?  I've been abroad for months and can't watch it."
"How old are you?"  This got Jerry searching for his wallet and showing me his driver's license.  He was 42. 
"What happened with you and Shoshanna?"  This got me some stupid guy answer about how the long distance was too hard, she was in LA and he in NY.
"I know you like the Knicks.  Do you have season tickets?"  His answer, "yes."
"What kind of music do you like?"  This question got me a story about Paul McCartney and how when Seinfeld mentioned on Letterman that he liked the Beatles, Pau McCartney sent him his then new album the next day.  Must be nice to be famous.  
     Then I asked "so how are you guys traveling around Europe?  Eurail?"  And this question got me the following answer "try, our private jet."  I was young and so excited about my own Eurail pass that I couldn't imagine anyone traveling any other way.  Well famous people, people with a hit show, they travel in private jets.
     That night was one of my best.  Dancing with Jerry Seinfeld to the B52's Love Shack and drinking many many agua de Sevillas will always be a fun memory to share.  The night ended with Jerry Seinfeld telling me the name of his hotel and the room number.  It was Hotel Seis, but I can't remember the room number.  I kissed him on the cheek and that was that.  
     Until the next day when I took my then boyfriend to Hotel Seis and let a message for Jerry and Mario, to meet us at a restaurant that night.  They actually showed up, with their same chauffeur coming in first to check out the place and to see if we were there.  Well "we" were there.  Me, the girls from the night before, and a new addition to "we" my boyfriend.  When I introduced Jerry to my boyfriend, I sealed the deal.  No late night out until the wee hours of the morning; well at least not with those American comedians.   

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