Saturday, September 24, 2011


I'm here in Madison and these are my observations:

Things that never change:
-The beer is still cold
-The cheese curds are still delicious
-Babcock ice cream (house made at the U-W) tastes great as always
-(And I wonder how I became lactose intolerant--thank you Greater Madison, thank you very much)
-The same professor that had me wishing class was over was our class speaker last night and she made me feel exactly the same way (for the record I was not the only one who felt this way).  Who speaks for 45 minutes at a dinner?  No one.  Well someone did.  But no one should.
-It gets COLD here.  Its in the 40s and it's still September
-Tailgate parties are loud, fun and always serve brats

Things that changed:
-The airport is actually a real airport now, which means the guy that checks me in isn't the same guy who waves in the plane with orange flags and hand signals

Memorable moments:
-Saw my great friend
-Took a picture with Bucky Bagder
-Got hit on by a co-ed on State Street.  Oh make that two, one guy was on a skate board, but it still counts.

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