Thursday, September 15, 2011


           How many of you single ladies (or your single girlfriends have told you they have) planned out your weddings in your head?  Basically, you’ve walked your groom down the aisle in your prefect wedding.  Sure, you can admit it.  I’ve done it.  But I don’t recommend sharing this information regularly or with anyone of the male gender. 
By way of example, I know this guy who sublet from this girl, this single girl obsessed with having a baby.  She was so obsessed SHE HAD A CRIB in her apartment.  An already assembled crib in her apartment. 
Now, how many guys did that gal convince to come home with her only to be ditched by them minutes after arriving at her abode?  My guess—too many to count on my two hands.  Relax baby lady, not all fantasies or dreams or goals need to be on display in your living room!  It’s stories like that, that give single girls a bad rap.

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