Tuesday, September 27, 2011


     I went on a blind date set up last week.  When I emailed the setter upper to tell her I didn't feel any spark with the guy and that we'd better off as friends she emailed back and wrote 2 things I find curious.
     First, she wrote I'm sorry you didn't feel a "spark" in quotation marks.  I ask you, is feeling a spark such a novel idea or is a figment of my imagination that it deserves to be in quotes?  You're either attracted to the person, the whole person not just looks, or not, right?  And that's what spark is.  I felt like her quotation marks were mocking me.
     Second, she asked if I wanted her to tell the guy I wasn't interested or if I wanted to call him myself and tell him this news.  Who wants to call some guy and say I didn't feel a spark with you, when the person who set us up can do it and remove all of the awkwardness out of the situation?  I don't get it.  This wasn't a good friend of mine setting me up.  If it was I may have called, actually no, I would not have called.  I'd wait to see if he asked me out again and then I'd tell him (hey he might not feel a spark with me).  But I don't need to actively pursue someone to tell him I'm not interested.  Come on, that's odd to even suggest I call this guy.  This set up was more organized, much more formal than my friend's boyfriend setting me up with his room mate.   So again I don't get it; I don't get why she'd suggest I be the one to call him.
     But I do get what a spark is and there wasn't one.  Thanks but no thanks.

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