Monday, September 26, 2011


     My paternal grandpa, Papa, as we called him, loved going to the movies.  When he and Mama visited us from Delhi, India, he couldn't wait to get to the theater.  I remember sitting in the back seat of the car when Mom dropped my grandparents off at the movies.
     We left them there for hours--way longer than the time required to see a double feature.  We're talking a quadruple feature at least.  And I'm hoping Mama and Papa's movie watching included several buckets of popcorn.  One, because a movie just isn't a movie without popcorn and two, because I think it's one of the only movie concessions my Hindu vegetarian grandma could eat, unless of course the popcorn's butter flavoring was made out of animal products, like lard.  Then she for sure went hungry and despised her film-loving husband on those afternoons at the movie theater.

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