Thursday, August 25, 2011


     This morning in spin class an oldie but goody came on--the Eminem song Without Me came on.  You know trailer park girls and Batman and Robin references.  It reminded me of my dad--if you wonder why I talk about my dad a lot, it's because he died 3 years ago and had raised me an my sister alone after our mother died when we were young, I was 10 and my sister was 7 when Mom died.
     Anyway, I saw 8 Miles with my dad over Thanksgiving the year it came out.  As we left the theater, Dad said and I quote: "that Eminem is a genuis."  All of which led to Dad requesting I burn him a copy of The Eminem Show cd.  Now isn't that fun?  You tell me that last time one of your parents was that cool or that one of them even knew Eminem was a white rapper and not a hard shell-coated over chocolate piece of candy.
    My Dad jammed out to that cd.  Priceless.

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