Sunday, August 7, 2011


     I'm all about respecting your elders.  But when we were at a funeral, someone's mom said the most telling thing to me; it made me question her character.  A guy I was dating and his parents picked me up to go to a funeral for a mutual friend's father.  The minute we got to the church for the memorial service, the guy's mom grabbed my arm and said "Come on, let's find the guest book.  We need to sign it, because that's how we'll get points for being here."
     Points?  Points for attending a funeral?  What happened to going to a memorial service because you care about the grieving person and want to help him honor his loved one.  Or because you knew the deceased and want to pay your respects?  The episode was so bizarre, I just stared at her, said nothing, and followed her to the guest book.  I signed it, but I wasn't expecting to get any points.
     The situation made me question that guy's mom and the kind of person she was.

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