Thursday, August 11, 2011


     You, yes you.  Please start wearing proper undergarments or underwear period.  Don't wear a white bra under a white shirt.  Why don't many people know this?  You need to wear a nude bra under white clothing--then you won't see the bra.  Don't wear a black bra under a white shirt, unless you are very dark skinned.  Don't wear a white or even nude bra under a black top--once the camera flashes everyone will see your bra in the photo.  Just wear a bra.  Yes you need one.
     No you are not to young to start wearing smoothers and Spanx.
     You don't always need to wear thongs, just because you think or the guy you are dating thinks they're sexy.  Sometimes you need coverage when wearing a dress, so wear proper underwear, not a thong.
     When your dress twirls up on the dance floor and I see your thong I want to lose my lunch.  I didn't pay for my over priced martini and come to this bar to get a compliment from a gay man--which is code for I came here to have some beautiful, straight man, who's a doctor buy me a drink and tell me a witty joke, not a line--to see your bare ass.  Really, put on some underwear.  They don't have to be granny panties.  They just have to have a front, crotch and back.

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