Saturday, July 14, 2012


     Happy Bastille Day!  You know that French holiday everyone celebrates.  When my sister and lived together in New York, we literally climbed the stairs from the subway into a huge Bastille Day parade.  We'd decided to go to a New York Health and Racquet Club to work out far from our Upper West Side apartment on 110th and Broadway.  We boarded our local train and then got off around 23rd street, mane it was 14th.  Actually, I think we'd made it to the East Side so there was a transfer or a crosstown bus in there somewhere.  Anyway, when we climbed out of the filth of the subway tunnel, we were greeted with music, French food, smiles and a bunch of free hats and a fans from a French conglomerate.  It was unexpected, but we joined right in.  A parade is a parade and when in Rome...I mean Paris---eat a croissant.

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