Monday, July 9, 2012

DAY 348: THE M.O.S.A.

     When we were on vacation, I pointed out a painting or a poster that I liked.  It was all these iconic characters like Popeye and Mr. Peanut.  Of course I liked the Mr. Peanut one--that was my Halloween costume.  My sister replied: "I knew you'd like it, it'll look good in the M.O.S.A."  I'd almost forgotten all about the M.O.S.A.  And I live in it.
     I have a bunch of random stuff hanging on the walls of my apartment.  Lots of old magazine liquor ads, watercolors I bought on the street in Argentina, and some framed posters from Andy Warhol's collection.  When my dad helped me hang a poster of Matisse's Icarus on my bedroom wall he said: "well, this goes great in your museum of shit art."  I told an ex-boyfriend about that and he coined my Museum of Shit Art a/k/a my apartment, the M.O.S.A.  You gotta love family, they tell you how it is and you still ignore them.  For the record, I love that Icarus cut out.

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