Thursday, July 12, 2012


     Ok, so I never really had a real pair of Birkenstocks.  I wore my fake, no-name brand of similar looking shoes to Birkenstocks around Ann Arbor my first week there.  I even wore white socks with them the night I met my college boyfriend.  Sexy, I know.  This was when grunge was in and I wore extra large plaid shirts and jeans 5 sizes too big for me.  Even sexier, I know.  None of it was a good look, but man those shoes were comfy.  And actually maybe it was a good look at the time, I mean I did have a boyfriend, an upper clansman, thank you very much.
     Well I just purchased my first pair of real, yes the real deal this time, Birkenstocks.  And let me report that these real ones are even more comfortable that the fakes I used to wear.  They've got arch support and a toe grip and they're surprisingly not that ugly.  They won't win any fashion shows, but they're good to knock around in and that's what I needed after my flip flops gave me a blister.  I don't see many blisters in my future while wearing my Birks.  Did I just regress?  Am I getting old talking about arch support?  What is happening?

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