Tuesday, July 3, 2012


     Until this morning at 7:05, I’d never gotten a ticket.  My perfect driving record (no this does not include fender benders—I’ve had 1 or 2 of those) has been soiled.  A cop hid behind some trees to catch people running a stop sign.  He literally jumped out of the trees and ran into the middle of the street as I turned the corner where the stop sign was located and flagged me down to ticket me.  That was fun. 
     If only I went straight home after the gym and didn’t make a pit stop at the grocery to buy milk.  I must have been flustered at Kroger’s because I left there with a half-gallon of whole milk.  I never drink whole milk. 
     As I passed that same corner on the way home, I saw the police office waiting for more cars.  Sure enough he flagged down another guy for the same thing.  Aren’t people supposed to be nice the day before our nation’s birthday, or is that not in the law enforcement handbook?

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