Tuesday, July 10, 2012


     For some reason I was thinking about that time I trashed my hotel room at the Four Seasons in Austin--it was all because of those shots of Patron tequila I took on the dance floor.  Me, the dance floor, and shots of Patron don't mix well.  After my dance-a-thon and seeing the Spazmatics of the first time, I got back to the hotel and wrecked my room.  And I mean Johnny-Depp-I-just-broke-up-with-Kate-Moss wrecked a hotel room.
     Oh and before I used every single towel in my hotel bathroom, I had to deal with my boss waiting for me in the lobby of the hotel.  Apparently, he'd been worried about me.  He was so worried that moved a couch so that it was facing the entrance of the hotel and then just sat there and waited for me to get back from hanging out with other work people.  So is that a good boss or a creepy boss?  It's not entirely clear, and I didn't stay chit-chatting with him long enough to find out.  Instead, I rushed past him so I could make it to the security and privacy of my bathroom.  To this day I cannot stomach the smell of tequila.
     As an aside, my dad used to make ultra stiff margaritas with Patron because he liked the Patron tequila bottles.  He used the empty bottles as flower vases.  We had several of them all around our house filled with roses Dad had hand-picked from our garden.  Hey, you know if you read about doing that or saw it done in some fancy decorating magazine you'd be putting flowers in a bottle of Patron too.

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