Tuesday, June 12, 2012


     I shaved my legs too early.  How do I know this?  Well, my mom found out and she wasn't happy.  I was at my next door neighbor Janet's house the day before sleep-away camp.  Janet was older than me.  Janet was in middle school and I was in the fourth grade.  She convinced me my legs needed to be shaved.  (Hey, I am half Indian and I'd say my legs were hairier that most other nine year olds.)  She handed me a razor and some shaving cream and told me to get to work in her bathroom.  So I did.  Big mistake.
     When I went home my mom was almost hysterical.  "What'd you do to your legs?," she asked.
     I responded with the obvious: "I shaved them."
     "But you're only nine, you don't need to shave yet," she retorted.
     "Yes, I do.  Janet told me I did."
     At this point my mother's fury doubled or maybe tripled.  Then she said: "well, at least you'll be at camp for a week and the next time I see you most of your leg hair will have grown back."  And that was that.  Off to camp I went.

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