Monday, June 11, 2012


     Yay, my new carpet was installed today!  Despite the pain of moving a ton of things off of the carpeted areas, removing all things from the wall and unhooking all of my electronics, the day went smoothly.  The carpet guys only nicked one of my really nice pieces of furniture--of course--and then I proceeded to mess two things up as I moved everything back into place.  (Isn't that the way it always goes?)
     By the way, thanks guys for leaving everything in the middle of my apartment so I move it all back to the way it was, in 90 plus degree heat, since I was instructed to turn off my A/C before the carpet installation took place.  It's now several hours later and I think we just broke into the 70s.  Goodnight!  It is so hot in this place.  It's sheets only tonight, no comforter.

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